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Choosing brands to represent from the multitude of possibility is never easy. Clear choices emerge when the chemistry is right. Like soul mates, our brands must be a perfect fit with your skill set and experience.

Our Brands

What sets our brands apart is that they have one thing in common – they are all luxurious AND eco-friendly.

We don’t just choose organic, and we don’t just choose sustainability. We look to those categories, and then we go hunting for functionality and superior quality. But then we go one step further… we look for integrity – corporate integrity and product integrity.

Representing and selling these brands demands a particular approach, a personal touch, as they do not have incalculable sums for marketing bang as do so many of their competitors.

This admirable, carbon-footprint friendly choice presents you with a unique challenge, one which demands creative thinking yet delivers enormous job satisfaction.

Through the brands you choose to represent, holding the planet’s best interest close to one’s heart no longer means compromising quality, luxury or effectiveness.

Its All About You

You will get industry-high commission plus all the support we can give to assist you with lead-generation. You will receive commissions from each client you bring, from the first sale to the last order, and every order in between.

Give Us a Hoy

If you believe you have the skills and experience to represent one or more of our brands, call us!! Or drop us an email now at

Sales and Marketing


Start Your Own Wholesale Business

ABOUT YOU: You have experience in the beauty industry and contacts in salons and spas. You are looking for a self-managed business to capitalise on your background. You are a motivated, self-starter who leads by example.

THE OPPORTUNITY: We are seeking one individual in each State to distribute your choice of our brands. You would be open to market the brands to wholesale customers such as retailers, salon owners and spas.

STOCK: There is no upfront investment required from you. We maintain all stock levels. You manage your own clients, place your orders through us, and we ship directly to your clients.

THE BRANDS: You may choose as little as one brand or take them all on.

REMUNERATION: As a business owner, there is no cap on your earning potential. The only restriction you will have will be territorial.

For more information or expressions of interest, send us an email now at