Ganesha Imports are the exclusive distributors in Oceania (Australia, NZ, Asia Pacific and Indonesia) of a select group of contemporary eco-chic brands from around the world.

  1. Wholesale natural incense - Florisens

  2. Wholesale organic non-toxic nail polish - Priti NYC

  3. Wholesale natural skincare - Sejaa, Amazonia Viva and Elemento Mineral

Pursuing organic excellent, we at Ganesha Imports are not fettered by national boundaries or parochial ideologies. We source simply the best ecological produce from this global village we now inhabit.

  1. Priti NYC, organic non-toxic 3-free range of nail polish, soy nail polish removers and organic hands & feet products from New York’s first organic spa.

  2. Florisens, gourmet incense from France, 100% natural incense and organic incense made purely from crushed plants – these are not the traditional “punk sticks dipped in essential oils”;

  3. Sejaa Pure Skincare, 100% natural facial treatment trio by environmental activist and world’s #1 supermodel Gisele Bündchen;

  4. Amazonia Viva, luxury botanical cosmetics using the purest ingredients of the rainforest of Brazil;

  5. Elemento Mineral, certified organic facial clay powders fortified with precious stones powders, pure cosmetic clay powders for spas; and mineral soaps;

All of these 100% natural or organic designer brands share one thing in common – they are luxurious AND eco-friendly.

Each brand represents the ultimate in natural and organic products, combining innovative scientific knowledge with nature’s finest botanical ingredients, all harvested ecologically.

Holding the planet’s best interest close to your heart no longer means compromising quality, luxury or effectiveness.



Distributor and Wholesalers in Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

PRITI NYC nail polish distributors and wholesalers Australia & New Zealand

FLORISENS incense distributors and wholesalers Australia & New Zealand

SEJAA Pure Skincare distributors and wholesalers Australia & New Zealand

AMAZONIA VIVA distributors and wholesalers Australia & New Zealand

ELEMENTO MINERAL distributors and wholesalers Australia & New Zealand